Seattle Symphony: She’s Got Soul – Capathia Jenkins at Benaroya Hall

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Benaroya Hall - S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium | Seattle, Washington

Seattle Symphony

Fine-tune your wavelength and prepare to swap out some screen time for exemplary symphony time! Seattle Symphony: She's Got Soul - Capathia Jenkins is booked for a performance at the awesome Benaroya Hall on Sunday 2nd June 2024. Feel more alive than ever as this talented ensemble plays traditional works, contemporary renditions, and everything in between! There will be lively melodies and light-hearted wit, and maybe even a surprise modern infusions that will fill the atmosphere. This is the epitome of classy presentations: violins surging, cellos chanting, and brass bursting with a fervor that'll induce shivers down your spine.

So unwind, summon your friends, and bask in this memorable symphony experience at the Benaroya Hall stage in Washington! Let the music wash over you with next-level sound and recording equipment to ensure that the orchestra's performance is projected in its full sonic splendor. Take note, tickets are selling out quicker than a maestro's baton, so reserve yours for Seattle Symphony: She's Got Soul - Capathia Jenkins on Sunday 2nd June 2024 right this instant by clicking the “Get Tickets” button above!

Free up your upcoming June because this one’s a delight for the senses! Be charmed by the best orchestra in all of Washington as Seattle Symphony: She's Got Soul - Capathia Jenkins steps in at the stunning Benaroya Hall on Sunday 2nd June 2024! If you’ve been keeping an eye on the latest reports, you're likely conscious that these artists are on a triumphant run as they’re planning to tour the country this coming summer.

Critics across the globe are claiming that these musicians are the most distinguished ones they have ever seen! The orchestra is a unrivaled, lauded ensemble known for achieving a rich and lavishly satisfying playlist of genres.

What's more, when it comes to solo moments popping up, you can expect each individual player to start playing like deities in their fields. Their music is utterly reflective and heartfelt that would make you want to remain in this moment for a lifetime.

Whether you’re a regular guest, bringing a little one to experience live music for the first time, or making this your dream date night, there's a place for you in our venue. Each performance is rare, with moments, memories, and delights, all brought to life by the skillful musicians of the company.

What’s thrilling is that more and more people are recognizing why this is transforming into the top orchestral performance of the year! Maybe it’s because this spectacle is filled with a range of genres that is suitable for a diverse age group. So, this is your evening - surrender to the notes!

At the Benaroya Hall, we’ve got state-of-the-art speakers, picturesque backdrops, convenient amenities, and more! Where else might you consider going to experience a symphonic event like this? If you reserve your tickets now, you’ll be treating yourself to the greatest LIVE orchestra in the area! Reserve your places for Seattle Symphony: She's Got Soul - Capathia Jenkins performing on Sunday 2nd June 2024!

Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall - S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium

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