Joe Hisaishi at Benaroya Hall

Joe Hisaishi Tickets

Benaroya Hall - S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium | Seattle, Washington

Joe Hisaishi

Classical music lovers aren't able to forget the moving music they feel upon seeing the awesome Joe Hisaishi and luckily the act will come to Washington, Seattle on the best classical tour of the year this winter, 2024! Joe Hisaishi will give you exactly what you are looking for alongside the wonder that is the beautiful artists on'll be in awe as you see this classical, musical excellence. Come to Benaroya Hall, Washington, Seattle on Sunday 14th January 2024, book your entry by pressing 'get tickets' TODAY... this is a Sunday night classical fans cannot miss...hurry up January!

When well-aware music connoisseurs in Seattle and the surroundings need to pick the top location for a live classical show, one name comes to mind. The iconic Benaroya Hall has a long history of being a must-stop hall for the finest musicians in the field, and this January it will prove its huge reputation once again. You can’t go wrong with any of the upcoming shows, because your ticket comes with a full pack of diverse and exquisite offerings. From the convenient parking lots near the front door, to the friendly yet top-professional service, and the numerous options for pre-show drinks and meals in some of the amazing restaurants and bars right around the corner - the patrons of Benaroya Hall always have an A-star royalties experience there. So just pick a show, click on the Buy Ticket link and immerse into a night to remember.

Joe Hisaishi at Benaroya Hall - S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium

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