The Benaroya Hall features a 430-capacity garage underground, providing direct access into the Hall via elevators. The garage can be entered from Second Avenue, south of union street. Blink charging stations are available for electric vehicles. Please note that the maximum height for entry is 6,8. The parking charge is $17.

Please be aware that the left lane on Second Avenue had now become as a parking lane, aside from peak hours (weekdays: 6–9am, 3–7pm) when it is designated as left-turn-only. Visiting motorists are asked to be very careful of pedestrians crossing the road and of cyclists in the protected bike lane: please check your mirrors and surroundings and be cautious upon your entry and exit of the Benaroya Hall garage.

Alternative parking is also available at the Cobb Building (entry on University Street, between Third and Fourth avenues) and The Russell Investments Center (found on Union Street, between First and Second avenues).